About Starvien Health & Tourism

Starvien London based in hospitals in most country and has an international network, particularly Turkey and Cyprus europe and all world, both at the stage of diagnosis and with the best doctors in the area it offers the opportunity to be together during treatment.

Founder Founder


Founder Mr.zekeria halilibrahim.I was born in bulgaria.i have universty  graduate business management and paramedic medicine.


Our Vision

In order to move forward with the best in health tourism, producing human-oriented solutions and playing a leading role in the development of the sector. For health is to make it possible to travel all over the world easily. It is also aimed new tourism destinations to improve together with health and the trip advantage the patients. To be permanent and innovative in this sector.

Our Mission

We set off with the motto as " Make Sure Your Health ". Our understanding of service is human-oriented and it is to do the best. We evaluate the process together and take it together. To provide quality, fast, healthy and transparent services by managing all processes between patient, hospital, hotel, transportation and other elements together. We will make these processes efficiently for everyone, especially our patients.

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